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Lani Nguyen Shortlisted for 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' at FL Leadership Summit & Awards 2023

We're elated to share the exhilarating news that Lani Nguyen, the visionary former founder and director of Alstern Solicitors, has been shortlisted for the esteemed 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' award at the upcoming FL Leadership Summit & Awards 2023.

This award, specifically tailored for remarkable women entrepreneurs under 30, recognises those who have not just initiated, but are actively steering their own business ventures with exceptional flair. And Lani Nguyen is undeniably a fitting nominee.

Navigating the legal sphere is challenging. For a foreign national like Lani to qualify as a solicitor in itself speaks volumes about her determination and dedication. But what's truly awe-inspiring is her audacious step to go further and establish Alstern Solicitors. Today, under Lani's leadership, the firm thrives with a robust team of seven, including five proficient solicitors and two invaluable support staff, serving clients with unmatched expertise.

The shortlisting of Lani for this prestigious accolade does more than just shine a spotlight on her achievements. It underscores her mettle, the hard journey she undertook, and the entrepreneurial spirit she embodies. Establishing and successfully running a solicitor firm at such a young age is no less than a testament to her leadership capabilities, business acumen, and undying passion for her profession.

The entire team of Alstern Solicitors and all who've had the privilege of witnessing Lani's journey are filled with pride. We eagerly anticipate the FL Leadership Summit & Awards this November, with high hopes and immense respect for Lani's contributions to the industry.

About the FL Leadership Summit & Awards 2023: The FL Leadership Summit & Awards is an esteemed event that lauds the accomplishments of visionary female business leaders nationwide, fostering a community of empowered, driven women who are reshaping the business landscape.

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